July 5, 2020

Normal Testing Process Flow

Company Actions

  1. A Company comes to the system and creates a Company Account.
  2. The Company creates Student Accounts (using the Add Student Button) for each of its employees that it wishes to assign tests.
    • Please insure that the proper language is selected for each student, as this will determine the language in which they will be tested.
    • It is the Company's responsibility to distribute the Student Usernames and Passwords.
  3. The Company either:
    • purchases some number of Test Keys in bulk via the interface or
    • assigns Test Keys to each student for the desired module (Use the Update Grid button to save changes).
      • Tests Keys can be redistributed at any time prior to a student beginning that particular module.
      • Any unnassigned Test Keys will be shown in the Free Keys section at the bottom of the Student / Module Grid

Student Actions

  1. The student logs in via the Student Login link.
  2. The student selects the Module that they wish to test.
  3. The student begins taking the current test.
    • If the student has previously started testing in a particular Module, they will be returned to that question within the test.

System Actions

  1. When a student completes a test, the system will send both the student and the Company the results by email.   
  2. The system will insure that the student will receive a different version of the test for that Module on their next attempt. 
  3. If a student fails all tests in the system, for that language, for a particular Module, the System Administrator will be notified to create additional tests.



 The MBI Online Testing System has 4 basic interfaces: (2 for the end users and 2 for the administrators)

End User Interfaces

  1. The Company Interface is used to:
    • Purchase Test Keys
    • Jointly manage their student information with their employees
      • Manage Passwords
    • Assign Test Keys to particular students for specific Modules
    • Monitior Progress of the students
    • Manage the Company's Account Information 
  2. The Student Interface is used by the Company's employees to:
    • Take Tests
    • Jointly manage their student information with their employer

MBI / GDS Admin Interfaces

  1. The Test Question Mainteance Interface is used to:
    • Create individual test questions
    • Create variations on a particular question
      • A variation of a question may have a different set of answers.
      • A variation of a question may have the answers reordered.
      • Multiple variations of a question may be active any one time.
    • Create new versions of a particular variation of a question
      • A new version of a question should be created when a substantive change is made to the structure of the question. 
      • Creating a new version of a question allows for an accurate, historical audit trail to be maintained for that question.
      • Only one version of a particular question should ever be active at any one time.
  2. The Test Maintenance Interface is used to:
    • Create multiple tests for each module
    • Add and Delete questions to a particular test

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